II Walking Seminar México

II Walking SEMINAR «Art, Craft and Design, Participatory Action Research»|Exhibition in MEXICO: 30 Obtoter-5 November 2023

Financiación: Ayuda Margarita Salas Universitat Politècnica de València, financiada por el Ministerio de Universidades y la Unión Europea NextGenerationEU. “Financiado con la Ayuda para potenciar la investigación postdoctoral de la UPV (PAID- PD-22)”.

The II Walking Seminar is an international meeting of the Arts Based Participatory International Project “Textile Cartography” whit groups from universities, schools and NGOs in America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europa, coordinated by the APECV (https://textilecartographies.weebly.com/).

This seminar is carried out with the support of the APECV and the Laboratorio de Investigación Creativa, research project of PhD Martha Patricia Espíritu Zavalza, PTC-SNI Universidad de Guadalajara.

The method, participatory action research with arts-based strategies, includes immersion in the different contexts where the researchers meet to talk about the project, learning together about textile arts and crafts and making actions with others are the core events of the walking seminar, a retreat and drifts where feeling and making is a conversation process to reflect about the ongoing project to understand each group, to evaluate and to design ways forward.